SPORT BETTING? Coming Soon!!!

Doc_Slots in partnership with Slots Breeze, Casino Medics and Casino Questsis proud to announce that we will soon launch a SPORT Betting campaign.

Management has commenced with negotiations with top and upcoming Sport Betting platforms, which will provide sport fanatics with a one-stop destination for all betting opportunities

Sport Betting forms part of Slots Breeze, Casino Medics and Casino Quests‘ expansion program to provide clients with a wider variety of services and needs. Sport Betting will form part of our product list together with Online Casino platforms where online players can access Slot Machines, Poker, Roulette, BlackJack, and free play for those who would just like to play for fun. And let’s not forget our unique Atcal International Slot machine pay-out prediction software, which we are the only online supplier globally.

In honor of our Sport Betting campaign launch, here is some interesting sporting facts that you can bet on to be true.

#9 – The Short lived life of a MLB Baseball

The average lifespan of a MLB baseball is five to seven pitches.

#8 – Olympic flag colours… Coincidence?

The colours of the Olympic rings was carefully selected to be blue, yellow, black, green and red since at least one of those five colours appears in every nations flag in the world.

#7 – You can thank your Dallas Cowboys stars!!!

In 1972 did the Dallas Cowboys hire the first ever NFL professional cheerleading squad.

#6 – The time machine does exist

Gerry McIlroy and three friends placed a GBP 100 bet in 2004 that Rory McIlroy fifteen (15) at the time would win the Open Championship before the age of 26 (2015). In 2014 did Rory go on to win the oldest major. With odds of 500/1, did Gerry take home GBP 50,000.00

#5 – Who said soccer was for Sissy’s?

Bert Trautman, Manchester City goalkeeper played with a broken neck in the 1956 FA Cup Final, which was only realised once the game was finished.

#4 – What’s your worth?

Argentinian born Lionel Messi is the highest paid athlete of all time. Excluding endorsements and sponsors, Lionel Messi has gathered a massive $127 Million from playing football for Barcelona FC. Lionel is followed by his rival Christiano Ronaldo at $109 Million.

#3 – Highest spectator attendance

And the winner for the highest attendance at any sporting event in the world is “Le Tour de France”. With a annual spectator attendance of 10-12 Million people, which is believed to be more, makes this prestige sporting event the highest attended in the world. The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic games came close with a recorded attendance of 8,3Million spectators.

#2 – More Gold than Harry Oppenheimer, well not quite yet…

The most Winter Olympic Gold Medals won by a country throughout the sporting events history is Norway with 329 Gold Medals, followed by the United States’ 282 Gold Medals.

#1 – Out of this world

On 06 February 1971 did Apollo 14 Commander Alan B.Shepard become the first person in history to play a sport not on the globe. Alan hit two golf balls on the surface of the moon during a expedition by the United States. In an interview with the United States Golf Association did Shepard have to say “I shanked the first one; it rolled into a crated about 40 yards away. The second one, I kept my head down. I hit it flush and it went at least 200 yards.”

The Doc_Slots, Slots Breeze, Casino Medics and Casino Quest team hope you enjoyed reading through these fun sporting facts. While we are working tirelessly to bring you Sport Betting, come have some fun from the comfort of your home at any of our advertised casino affiliates as listed below. For those just wanting to play for fun, all casino platforms provide a variety of Free Play games for your enjoyment.

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